What Puts the Luxury into Luxury Travel?

The glamour of train travel, via Vogue.

If you ask anyone around you what their definition of luxury travel is, chances are you’d get a whole host of answers that are as individual as the people you have asked. To some, luxury travel could be all about seeing corners of the world that you wouldn’t ordinarily have the chance to step foot in; to others, it could be about the smaller things – the home comforts, the personal touches and the little glimmers of tailormade service that make it feel special. One thing’s for sure though, luxury travel with Elegant Resorts is nothing short of lavish.

So what’s luxe? Here are a few of the common ideas about what luxury travel is all about:

Unique Experiences – once in a lifetime opportunities that seldom come your way are often what travel is all about. Trekking through untouched rainforests, relaxing in a hammock on a deserted beach, swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat . . . whatever the experience, it’s different from the norm and something you wouldn’t ordinarily do.

The Finer Things in Life – booking a holiday that incorporates things that you wouldn’t normally have the chance to savor, like a personal butler, private infinity pool, or gourmet dining every evening. 

Exclusivity – private villas, personalized services, exquisite surroundings: if it’s exclusive, authentic, and stunningly beautiful, it’s what indulgence is all about. 

The idea of posh travel is highly subjective, and its definition is often down to the individual who’s answering. It’s not necessarily about unrivaled standards; it’s about the unique experiences that you can enjoy that can’t be replicated elsewhere. When you book a luxury vacation, you’re able to fine tune what you believe luxury travel is all about.

Guest post by Catherine Lavinia in coordination with Elegant Resorts. Thank you so much for contributing to Of Revolt, Catherine!

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