Scenes from Life Lately

I hope you all had a magical Thanksgiving! Tomorrow Dan and I will be putting up our Christmas tree! We are super stoked for the holidays this year and have been listening to Christmas music since, uh, Halloween . . . whatever, I do what I want. Are you guys doing anything special to prepare for the holidays? We’ll be hosting the family party for the first time ever, so I think it’s a good time to spring for a few extra pretty decorations – I love the ones from Urbanara. 

And although it’s been passing by with such speed that I can hardly keep up, life has been lovely lately. Here, a few snapshots of what we’ve been up to:

^^ Laundry is my favorite household chore. (My second favorite chore is grocery shopping. #gremlinfacts) The fact that our building has a washer and dryer in the basement is nothing short of a miracle. About 2/3 of these socks were still soggy when they came out, hence their time on the radiator (not gonna lie, the other third was for pure decorative purposes to fill out the photo). And if it wasn’t already obvious, the point of this picture is that we Coyles are a colorfully socked people. ^^

^^ I purchased our Christmas cards before Halloween. I am now in the process of customizing the envelopes with adorable stamps because I’m crafty like that. ^^

^^ This is me and my woof friend Rocco. I love him. He loves me a whole lot too, though you can’t tell by his face in this photo. I’ll have you know that he plopped down in my lap like that without me having to coerce him with treats. (Thanks to Brianna and Mark for saving him and being great woof parents. Shelter pups rule.) ^^

^^ Surprise cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery! These were sent by Rachel, a fan/Twitter friend of Dan’s, who lives in the U.K. and is basically a magical person. I mean, really! On top of that, she even knew of my love for all things pistachio so there’s a pistachio cupcake RIGHT THERE IN THE BOX. It’s also perfect because it continues the Thanksgiving cupcake tradition we started last year. Thank you so much, Rachel! ^^

^^ I get to do this every day. Like, for money even. (No, I don’t mean take pictures of people’s butts. I mean teach yoga. This is Child’s Pose, okay? It’s how we start class. Chill your bones.) Sometimes I can’t even believe my own luck. ^^

^^ A lovely sunset, as seen from my bedroom window. Even though I’m not a particularly religious person, I really like that there’s a little church on my street (the pointed tower you see in silhouette). It’s just so quaint and pretty, and it makes our noisy Manhattan street feel a bit more like a sleepy neighborhood in a small New England town. Just, you know, with 24/7 samba music. For funsies. ^^

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