Beach Breaks: What to Pack


There’s nothing more exciting than a well-deserved vacation to look forward to – even booking it is enough to bring a huge smile to our faces, let alone the packing and the holiday itself! While Christmas is just around the corner, there’s no reason why we can’t also fantasize about organizing an awesome beach break and the much needed sunshine that comes with it.

With plenty of beach holidays available, whether you plan to book in advance or you’re flexible enough to wait for a last minute deal, you’ll be spoiled for choice. One thing’s for sure though – if you want a beach break to remember, you’re definitely going to need to plan what to pack. With holidays in the UK, you never really know what the weather is going to be like, but by heading to hotter climes, you can almost guarantee unfaltering sunshine and lovely warm temperatures for the duration of your stay. So, what should you pack for your beach break?

No beach holiday would be complete without a cozzie [Editor’s note: I interrupt this message to report that “cozzie” is British and Australian slang for “swimming costume.” Carry on.] and some Speedos! Give some thought to what sort of swimwear you would feel comfortable wandering the beach in – perhaps a bikini, a one-piece or a tankini would suit? Pick up a wraparound, such as a sarong, or a nice loose-fitting maxi dress to cover up when you’re not spread out on your sun lounger catching the rays.

Casual Clothes
Mix and match your casual wear wherever you can so that you don’t end up packing more than you need. Tank tops and t-shirts in various colours will complement shorts and skirts perfectly. Choose cotton pieces so that you stay nice and cool in the midday sun.


Unless you plan to book a super swanky and exclusive holiday, you won’t need to overdress for the evenings. Something smart, yet simple, would work wonders. Maxi dresses for ladies and chinos for men are popular choices. You can accessorize with jewelry and a pashmina, too.

Remember that, within most resorts, there will be supermarkets and shops on hand for any toiletries you might forget. However, in most cases, it’s cheaper to buy them back home and take these with you. Take travel size bottles to avoid packing big, heavy items and don’t forget the sunscreen!

Don’t forget a holiday read or some music to keep you occupied when your other half is wading in the sea or the kids are digging for treasure. Most of all, enjoy your holiday shopping trips and look forward to the break! 

Photography Credits: One and Two, both via CubaGallery. // Guest post by Catherine Lavinia in coordination with Neilson Activity Holidays. Thanks so much for contributing to Of Revolt, Catherine!

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