Enjoying Sunset in Agios Stefanos, Corfu

On the beach in San Stefano, Greece.

Chasing away winter with a dream of holidays in the Greek islands? Look no further than Corfu. One of my favorite islands, but not just mine – it’s known as the Queen of the Ionian Sea and here’s why I love it. Whether you’re looking for golden sand beaches surrounded by lush greenery and turquoise waters to revel in, or seeking a place where you can wander around cobbled streets, drink amazing cocktails in spectacular seaside bars, or to simply satisfy the history buff in you, Corfu has all that in spades.

Agios Stefanos is a quiet holiday resort, on the cape of Kefali, 35km (approx. 21 miles) away from Corfu town. It offers magnificent views to the Diapontian islands and an outstanding beach with beautiful shallow waters. The meaning of Agios in English is Saint, so the resort is also known as San Stefanos. Overall, it’s a good choice for couples because it is just drenched in romance, but it’s also really safe for kids and the beach is well known for catering to swimmers of all abilities.

Although originally a fishing village, built around a church and right on the old harbor, Agios Stefanos offers family friendly accommodation, such as Delfino Blu, and a wide selection of restaurants and beach bars, such as The Mango. This holiday haven will amaze every visitor thanks to its unique beaches with shallow waters. On the shore of Agios Stefanos you’ll find children playing and parents relaxing. In the evening visitors can enjoy traditional dining overlooking the idyllic sunset. Remember to have a traditional homemade breakfast of homemade pastries and rich Greek coffee served at Kohili restaurant. Afterwards the harbour is right there, so you can hop straight onto a boat and get close to the Diapontian Islands.

A perfect sunset in San Stefano, Greece.

But really, everything in Agios Stefanos is a lead up to the most glorious sunset I’ve ever seen. Everyone, I repeat, everyone should see it at least once in their lifetimes. Watching from the shore in a cafe or taverna, or simply sitting on the beach, seeing the sun drop into the ocean while the sky  drifts from blue to red, is truly a magical event.

In fact, most of the village (and its visitors) waits for it. Everyone wants to freeze time and savor the atmosphere for a little while. In the summer evenings, everyone takes their seats – lots of people opt for a romantic dinner during this incredible sunset. While the sun gradually sets and the sky turns orange, then red, then pink, the whole atmosphere totally transforms. People get excited to see which color will appear next! The sun slowly dives into the sea and photographers take dozens of pictures – every second counts. Finally, the sun sets and everyone applauds. 

Zoe Mouchritsa lives in Athens and specializes in finding the best and brightest things to do in this lively city and throughout Greece. After completing a B.A. in Applied Informatics and Multimedia in beautiful Crete, she jumped full time into blogging and is now editor for WhiteAndBlue.gr. Thank you so much for contributing to Of Revolt, Zoe!

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