Movin’ On Up

No, there is no better place for me to store my bicycle, 
thank you very much.

One of the strangest things about having a normal schedule again (“normal” meaning that I work approximately 20 hours a week at times varying from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM and anywhere in between) – really I should just say “job” – one of the strangest things about having a job again is how quickly time passes. I mean, you guys, a month has passed since my last post. YOU GUYS.

Anyway, in that time we moved to a new apartment in Manhattan that I pretend is the Upper West Side (yuppies!) but is really Washington Heights (papis!). No one who lives outside of New York will get or care about that joke and yet, I am not changing it. 

Our new place is pretty fab: it’s got the original crown molding, hardwood parquet floors, and three – count ’em – THREE huge closets, as well as a bathtub that I can legitimately lay down in. The only problem with having an apartment that is significantly larger than any place that I’ve lived in throughout my entire adult life is that we have hardly any furniture. So it looks pretty . . . sparse.

Living out of a suitcase for a year would give anyone a deep appreciation for the minimalist aesthetic (that’ll teach you to pack LIGHT, that’s for sure), but after five weeks of being here, it’s bordering on slightly unfortunate. Not to mention the corner of stacked DVDs and other assorted crap, plus the as-yet-unpacked box of frames that will remain so until I get proper prints of our wedding photos, sigh.

The biggest challenge is our living room. Essentially, we want it to be a truly multi-purpose room: appropriate for entertaining guests, for Dan as an office/workspace, for me to practice/teach yoga in, and finally, a cozy nook for reading would be nice.

I’ve been thinking that something like this Fiera Chaise would be perfect for the corner by the window – I’ve always secretly longed for a chair like this for napping, daydreaming, pretend-fainting. (“My word, this corset is simply too tight! Oh! Maeve, be a dear and fetch my smelling salts!”)

I love that it’s a fairly substantial piece of furniture, but the white sandy color keeps it light and airy – always a plus in my book. Anyone seen anything like it in the U.S.? Anyone? Bueller?

Anyway, holler at yer girl if you have thoughts, ideas, home photos to show, design expertise to share, life advice to impart…making decisions is hard work. :-/

(<< It’s hard to tell here, but I organized our bookcase by color! If you look closely, you can also see the Mexican Day of the Dead skulls we picked up from our honeymoon in Cancun. Yay for souvenirs!)

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